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Leadership Management

Our corporate clients reach out to us for answers. They need assistance in helping valued employees become more effective and valuable to their corporations. We provide executives and managers the insight and tools to obtain the successful interpersonal skills and effective management skills they need to learn and adopt through our Coaching For Success program.

Our consultants guide key people through individually structured personal and interpersonal improvement programs. We offer a blend of objective assessment instruments and pragmatic applications. Attributes corporate clients most often consider crucial for their executives include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Education and Development
  • Attitudes and Behavior
  • Responsibility and Performance
  • Managing Conflict
  • Flexibility
  • Managing One’s Boss
  • Corporate Culture Fit
  • Team Communication
Career Coaching

For over twenty years, Kit Kammer has been providing one-on-one corporate career coaching to bring out the characteristics of individuals enabling them to succeed within their own corporate structure. At times, new behaviors must be learned and assimilated in order to achieve the personal and professional rewards individuals are seeking. Actively engaging in and developing new problem-solving skills and ways of looking at situations may be necessary in order to accomplish the goals set forth under this program.

Participants in the individual career development program assess their strengths and weaknesses, their needs and sources of motivation, and their overall fit in relation to their organizations. They complete the program with a keen insight into their own career, its direction, and their ultimate responsibility for their own professional success and career satisfaction.


For the person in career transition, Kammer & Associates offers group or individual programs designed to facilitate the job transition. K&A applies proven career planning strategies to the job search process and helps focus the candidate’s resources on moving smoothly to the next career phase. The program services the candidate in the following ways:

  • Management of the transition process from initial announcement, including coaching on emotional well-being and financial planning
  • Assessment of personal/professional skills, strengths, and interests
  • Goal setting
  • Resume development and production
  • Targeting of prospective companies and employers
  • Optimum use of networking
  • Advertising, references, and search firms
  • Interview preparation
  • Negotiating the job offer
  • Taming the Internet
WorkLife Assessment

Assessment is the crucial first step professionals must undertake when faced with the difficult career choices in today’s workplace. Kammer & Associates is highly skilled in the use of the most successful career assessment instrument, The Birkman Method®, and actively employs it when dealing with professionals seeking career advice.

The Birkman Method® provides powerful, objective insight into an individual’s core. It has been in use for over 40 years and employed to provide career guidance to well over 1.5 million people from over 5,000 companies worldwide.

Why is The Birkman Method® preferred?
The Birkman Method® integrates interest and behavioral information to analyze the factors which influence the unique choices, responses, strengths and barriers individuals bring to their careers and workplace relationships.

The Birkman Method® uses the individual’s understanding of socially desirable behaviors as well as the individual’s internal motivating factors to measure and report how that individual interacts under ordinary daily circumstances and during intensely stressful situations.

The Birkman Method® provides prescriptive information for the individual. It provides a series of recommendations for behavioral changes which will enable the individual to better perform on the job and in life situations.


Workshops are presented on a range of topics.