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About Kammer & Associates

Kammer & Associates, founded in 1993, is a boutique leadership, talent, and career coaching company. Our three-pronged approach features Organizational Consulting, Career Management, and Corporate Outplacement. Kammer & Associates creates customized programs and assessments to address team communication, leadership management, and critical career transition issues. These programs are developed from a number of criteria: industry trends, thought leadership, client needs and demands, and our combined experience of “what works” in a real-world environment.

At the same time, we develop tactical approaches to all of our programs. We work in partnership with our clients – companies and individuals – to use every available resource to enhance the capabilities and opportunities available. Kammer & Associates is known industrywide for factoring in the “human side” to the sensitive areas of talent management.

Why should you contact us? Because our sophisticated technology, extensive background, and history of success combine to help you meet your personal and business goals.

About Kit Kammer

Kit Kammer - Career AdvancementKatherine N. (Kit) Kammer, president and founder of Kammer & Associates, Inc., is an internationally known specialist in the fields of organizational consulting, career management, and corporate outplacement.

In previous positions, Kit served as senior consultant and vice president for nationally based management consulting firms where she was responsible for account management, marketing, technology design, training, assessment, workshop delivery, and consulting. Kit was also the director and co-founder of a nonprofit career center in Annapolis, Maryland.

Kit served as past president of the Atlanta Chapter of the International Association of Career Management Professionals (now ACPI), and is a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), YMCA Human Resources Committee, Career Thought Leaders Consortium, Georgia Career Development Association, and International Career Federation (ICF). She is a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) in the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, recognized as a Fellow Practitioner by IACMP, and is certified in The Birkman Method®, The PROFILOR®, and the DiSC.

Kit is a native of New Orleans, lived several years in Europe, and now makes her home in Atlanta. She holds a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Music Education from Louisiana State University. Her interests include participating as a lyric soprano in local choruses, one of which performed at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center; leading Laughter Yoga classes; and serving the community through her Kiwanis Club. She is a student of Yoga, Chi Gong, and Tai Chi.

About Our Associates

When a national or international corporate project arises, Kammer & Associates, Inc. assembles a team of nationally recognized coaches in the project region, with the skills and specialties to successfully accomplish the sponsor’s strategic goals.

Projects have included international restructuring, leadership development, team communication, and personality and coaching assessments.